The current 2017 version has a more vintage-looking rosy brownish-pink juice. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Top note is Italian Mandarin; middle notes are Rose and Egyptian Jasmine; base notes are … Upon first spray, it's strong, more orangey with a hint of citrus (lemon?) I never liked the 2012 version nor Cherie. It's still too sweet and generic for me to love it, but I'm going to have some fun overlaying it with 4711 Acqua Colonia Pink Pepper and Mandarin to cut through the gourmandiness or Yardley's English Roses (contemporary edition) for the tea effect. @chininta, is there a batch code on your bottle? When it dries down all I can smell is that beautiful, sweet rose. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Tuberose, White florals etc... Not my thing....but This dior scent goes well with my skin. softer version of Miss Dior (really reformulated) sound like cheaper version of Miss Dior. Why change a good thing? This one is beautiful and I enjoy wearing it. If you have Ulta, they carry it there. I opened it up as I was so chuffed and couldn’t wait to use it but when I got to the bottle I noticed the difference in the colour, I opened the lid to smell it and I though he had bought the wrong one. I really wish they will not reformulate the whole line, it wouldn't make sense, but I guess logic isn't a word well known for Dior perfumerie. I don’t think it remotely compares to the 2012, and I feel it’s not very original. In Christian Dior SWOT Analysis, the strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors whereas opportunities and threats are the external factors. I don't mind if this is the 100+ version, although I do think it is a weird marketing strategy and it must confuse the heck out of non-fragranticans! Positioning is crucial for brand identification, especially since it is well known that consumers tend to choose brands with an image and values they can or want to identify with. عطر خیلی خوبیه هرچند خیلی خاص نیست، فضای مطبوع رزی مرکباتی عطر رو احتمالا کمتر کسی هست که خوشش نیاد. The employees take them all home. Honestly I was tired of the trend and had stopped paying attention to commercial fragrances in general, but then I started looking into sweet creamy/powdery rose again and ended up here @. Your IP: Just why?!?! Toners, serums, scrubs, masks are available as part of skincare regime. 5 with Also the perfume name is written in  a Serif texted with an effect that looks like it’s been hand  stitched which again  helps to certify the demureness and elegance of a ‘Miss Dior’. I was very young and to me it smelt so expensive, feminine & chic. Not gonna lie, this took a while to win me over but once it did I was hooked. The marketing investment seems to have been smaller and the communication campaign is visually less coherent. Very pleasant and elegant. The name was given when his sister, Catherine, arrived by surprise and Mitzah Bricard, the fashion counselor, said, "See, it's Miss Dior! I find it a lot less sweet than the other versions is warmer too,, more .mature also..more floral..i just don't think it is extremely sweet ?! However, why would I get this when I could just get Poison Girl, which has a similar vibe at the end? Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f3ee92f19e1dca5 Anyway I went ahead and opened it as I was very curious about what it would smell like. Brands expressing the “goddess” image mostly made use of unreal and timeless backgrounds and the advertisements were rich in colour, texture and pattern. it looks like the picture but it also looks like the pic from 2012. The dry down has a much older perfume scent. It gives this scent maturity. There's delicacy about it without anything rude, but people around you will notice it. When I was by the door and far away from them already, I overheard them privately whispering with each other:"Wow, it smelled differently and really good on her...". For a start it's completely different to the 2012 version but I will admit, I like it. They titled it 'Original Miss Dior' or 'Miss Dior Originale'. Née en 2005 sous le nom de Miss Dior Chérie, l'eau de parfum de Dior est devenue Miss Dior en 2012 après une nouvelle formule en… But this one is making me fall in love again. The time has come. I'm so sad the previous version was discontinued. The first meaning of the verb to adore is “to worship or honour as a deity”, and the visual codes in the advertisement are very close to those described in Oswald’s work. I have smelled this & do love it, but I am afraid to buy it now b/c of the watery reviews on here. My initial response to this reform was not favorable. I mainly wanted to speak to the person that asked about the Roses edition. act i want to buy absolutly blooming cz the frst time smelled it i fall i love but the seller where i alwys buy prfume doesnt hve AB in there stock so im grab this new miss dior.yesterday ive tried this prfume n its so diffrent from others the new mss dior has her own personality.aftr few hours i cn smell blooming banquet on my wrist but on my cloth it truns to absolutely blooming so u get 3 scent on one perfume!!! If you like powdery and sweet this you will love. My opinion is that there is a lot of other more interesting perfumes. When I called the store they told me that Dior had “tweaked” the fragrance and I would not be able to purchase that one or even exchange this new one. Previous Miss Dior was like Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle in that it was a bit of a heavy hitter and also heavy on the patchouli. I use it more as a seasonal work scent, not too sensual. Miss Dior Cherie was my entry into big girl perfume world. These women were usually interacting with another person, a man or a child. I don’t enjoy the pink pepper, but it’s quickly replaced by a sweet, watery rose and rosewood base. I tried this at the Dior counter in Sydney airport recently. It's lost all of its bubbly, confident, and sophisticated charm in my opinion. Fondée en 1946 par le couturier Christian Dior, la maison de haute couture est célèbre dans le monde entier.Depuis 1985, elle est la propriété du groupe familial Arnault. I kept admiring the fruity smells and wanted something new and modern. Order online now & collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every pound you spend. I've always felt the 2012 version was a sister to Coco Mademoiselle while the 2017 version was a sister to Dahlia Divin (same perfumer btw). Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. It's very lovely. But maybe since then, they have this new version; I wish I could smell it. It is a great unisex scent. This is nothing like an older sample I got on eBay. Did the marketing people at Dior run out of names for their fragrances? It’s a fun fragrance. Is there anyone who can validate or correct this. Women's fragrances - Miss Dior - “For a long-lasting perfume, it needs to be loved for a long time by those who created it.” said Christian Dior. The dry down is amazing and the scent just envelopes you. The longevity is perfect. But when I got into my truck, it wasn't until I opened the box & saw that it was different. What I want this to be is romantic, free-spirited, glamorous, sweet and feminine. The sample is almost masculine and smells fresh yet spicy, the full bottle smells sweeter and more generic. The longevity is nice, it lasts more than 10 hours on me. I now have a £70 bottle of icky sweetness lying in my bedroom that will never be used! The dry down IS TO DIE FOR!!!! i have the goldish color of miss dior edp just wondering what is the different with the pinkish one ? Worth trying on the skin. Notes that stand out for me are: rose, oranges, vanilla, patchouli. It’s nothing like the original, so why call it after the original, or does someone think it’s economical to recycle names because there’s only a finite number of CD permissible names in their universe? According to Dior the pyramid is like this: First of all I have never tried Miss Dior 2012, so I can’t compare:-). I own the miss dior EDP with the orange liquid since ocotber 2017 and i repurchased a new bottle (orange liquid) in august 2018 (it has the same smell, mandarine and patchouli, I don't smell any pepper or rose), so i'm wondering if those bottles I own are the 2012 version. It's a quality fragrance. It starts out kind of strong with the pepper scent and it dries down to a floral mixed with a soft patchouli. I stirred clear from most Dior as they usually smell horrible on me being loaded with orange blossom or other ingredients I can't tolerate, so imagine my surprise when I smelled this beauty. Oswald’s study is still relevant in many respects. 3.89 Also it would be targeted at adults roughly ranging at the ages of 25-45. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. It is more authentic than the previous version and more sofisticated, when I smelled the previous Miss Dior I was kind of disappointed, it was some kind of patchouli little sister of Coco Mademoiselle. I really really like this fragrance! I have a feeling that half of these reviews belong to the 2012 version. I haven’t tried the earlier than 2012 formula and can’t speak to that. This version is awful, too much rose, too much pepper. Miss Dior a lancé son nouveau film publicitaire ce mois-ci. To the reviewer below me, they never removed the name of the original released in 1947. Award-winning actress Natalie Portman portrays Miss Dior, a strong, liberated woman who reveals the true nature of romance and all of its different facets. I wish it would have better projection and sillage considering it is a high end perfume with outrageous price tag. Please be aware that our site is best experienced with Ad Blockers turned off. A bit generic but it was nice from a distance. I love all three, and am going to have to add a full-sized bottle for myself soon. Sorry, but to me this is an abomination ! Miss Dior represents another image of femininity, more realistic but still fantasized. Ok.... second review for me. I think it would be a bit heavy and rich for office wear though. Reminds me of Quelques Notes d’Amour Yves Rocher. After the initial melange of super sweet fruit and floral candied phase (it's pretty strong in the beginning), it dies down to a cherry sorta Poison Girl phase. I'm no good at describing notes but to me this perfume is a very easy to wear every day type of perfume. That's the main word that comes to mind with this newer version of the perfume. A tailor-made trail with a modern, rebellious and elegant character. It's not unpleasant but certainly extremely different. I wouldn’t say it was bad though, just not for me. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (2017) was launched in 2017. I love, I love this fragrance with its delicate freshness and sweetness at the same time ! They're all so simillar that it doesnt even matter which one you choose. However, the black could illustrate danger and secrecy. By positioning a brand, marketers differentiate it from competitors in the consumer’s mind. Why did this reformulation have to happen? Bad batch, perhaps? Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. In her analysis, she noted that the brand advertising strategies generally focused on different representations of women, doing so by calling on female stereotypes that consumers were likely to identify with. This was a gift from my husband It is complex. Poison thus presents itself as a lure, suggesting that the women who wear it can take their victims captive. Ce film introduit une nouvelle campagne centrée sur l’amour et met en avant Natalie Portman, égérie de la marque depuis 2010, pour mieux la sublimer. Poison is the antithesis of J’adore in many respects. Besides I I'm in love with absolut blooming to both are very beautiful. I purchased a 5 ml sample without any idea how it could turn out. I regret purchasing this version. New Miss Dior Eau de Parfum edition comes out in September 2017, created by Dior perfumer Francois Demachy. !, Good Lord Sweet Baby Jesus, DIOR Took an Amazing Iconic Scent and Finally Dragged it through The FIELDS! Not exotic or complicated. So, let me start by saying I haven't tried any of the 500 previous Miss Diors (I know, I know!). Rich, sensual, a bit powdery and a bit sweet. This is for sweet lovers and I hate white florals. A happy, warm take me away scent. but later on it begins to smell really nice. As of 2020, Christian Dior is one of the leading brands in … The great icons are forgotten saddly!!! Illustrating that a ‘Miss Dior’ is a women who is elegant, poised and has effortless beauty as is shown in the advert with Natalie Portman who is their celebrity endorsement. Illustrating that a ‘Miss Dior’ is a women who is elegant, poised and has effortless beauty as is shown in the advert with Natalie Portman who is their celebrity endorsement. In an interview, Nathalie Portman called her a “modern princess”, with “modern” here probably meaning “sexually liberated”. I love the bottle design and the allure of it being a classic and a Dior and all that. Due to the notes, this is a fall/winter fragrance in my opinion. Longevity is great and the bottle is just adorable. How is iSpot helping partners disrupt their industries? On me, this is simply a very soft rose, powdery with a vanilla undertone that smells completely innocuous (in the best way possible). After you helped me out with the batch code to identify which version is which, I tested Miss Dior again and realized that my review was for the wrong version. If the devil of Poison asserts her power, it is only a power of seduction, with the implication of a need to please. To me Miss Dior 2017 smells incredible. The only real difference is that the vanilla is a little toned down, which makes the rose stand out a little more. You just have to give it a fair shot. It's sweet, but also elegant, ladylike and rich. It's an attempt to please younger clients like myself. I usually don’t like patchouli heavy fragrances like LVEB. Amazing! I do also love Absolutely Blooming and Blooming Bouquet. Independent of colour, it is so easy to distinguish Miss Dior 2017 from 2012. Right, so I kept the bottle of my last Miss Dior (which I loved), and sent a photo of it to my Mum so she could buy it for me again duty free - which she did. Its like when you open your bag of makeup, perfumes, and other nice smelling products and you can smell a mix of good notes. However the test strip I have lasted two days and even transferred into the arm of my couch. Basically, all the things depicted in the TV commercial. This article was originally published in French. I think I commented a while ago but I will again. I have it, & omgooodness is it GORGEOUS! Although top models were featured, they portrayed an “everyday” woman anchored in real life. Overripe fruit, very perfumey, the olfactory equivalent to drinking too damn many sunset-colored drinks on an empty stomach and noticing your stomach turning as you get up to pee, with a hint of the headache that awaits tomorrow. I was so disappointed with this reformulation because the 2017 version is so much different then the 2012 version which was my favorite fragrance ever. Different, unusual even "set apart" from the others. There is a cloying feel to AB and I thought I loved it but the second time trying it out I may pass and pick miss Dior! It's very rose-centric, with patchouli and pink pepper in supporting roles. But this obviously isn't just some citrus, pepper, rose, jasmine, patcholi, and woods. It doesn't smell anything like Coco Mademoiselle or the intense version. ( Log Out /  how is this possible? If only I had done more research before buying this... Dupe for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Yet her youth and social status do not imply chastity. I hate the scent of la vie est belle but the trace is so small in the new miss dior that it doesn't taint it for me. The patchouli is just perfect, it enriches and anchors the sweetness. I'm glad to finally see some love here for this. I actually like this better than the 2012 version, in which the patchouli really didn't agree with me. Not even close. It opens a bit more sharp and tart than other versions, with the pink pepper, lemon and blood orange right at the forefront. The opening is a sweet citrus. A little cloying and sweet, hence the “miss” I guess. I understand the disappointment from the old version lovers, but I still love this version and I am going to wear it and enjoy it without too much drama. ", This is amazing! I remember a couple years back I smelled Miss Dior 2012 EDP and I hated it, and gave me a headache. The face of advertising campaign is actress Natalie Portman. And I think that I am going to buy a Miss Dior perfume for the first time in my life. That's the proper word to describe it. "Make me a perfume that smells of love" Christian Dior. The advertisements were mostly in black-and-white and the shots were framed more tightly, with realistic scenery and the models dressed rather simply. Both have the underlying DNA of Miss Dior so they end up blending incredibly well. I've tried smelling this perfume on two different occasions to give it a chance, and both times I had the same reaction. The 2017 is very basic to me. So I have gone through all the formulations. Why couldn't these be named differently and kept alive? The lighting is bright and clear showing simplicity. This is a gourmand rose, very sweet, almost like a rose candy with a little bit of citrus on top. On my 2nd bottle, so I feel like my opinion about this is pretty well brewed. Very similar vibes to YSL's Mon Paris, which is pretty, but I wouldn't buy for being unmemorable as well. I really don't know what that pyramid or those notes are all about - there's no citrus or spice or wood in this (at least not on my skin). This is very watered down rose water on me. I was not a fan of previous Miss Diors, but this one is the first that has me considering a bottle. This is a very well composed scent , try and enjoy! Tweaked?! First, the brand name itself anchors the perfume in the realm of the divine. ;). Their target is most likely to be those of upper class as the product looks expensive. Pretty darn similar. Forgetting about the previous iteration of Miss Dior - which I really liked by the way, I have to say that this is like a new perfume.

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