Enjoying life to the fullest. Allez surfer avec Niels, hautement recommandé. Each spot has its own vibe and character. plus, Réponse de la part de NielsLabruijere, Eigenaar chez Surf Guide Algarve, Locations de matériel, Surf, planche à voile et surf aérotracté, Surf, planche à voile et surf aérotracté, Stand up paddle, Surf, planche à voile et surf aérotracté, Kayak et canoë, Locations de matériel, Stand up paddle, Superbe expérience !! Niels déclare explicitement sur sa page d'accueil qu'il N'ENSEIGNE PAS et qu'il ne prend que des gens, qui connaissent l'étiquette du surf et sont capables de surfer des vagues ininterrompues. August is the busiest surf holiday month of the year in Europe. There are always plenty of surf spots for surfers to enjoy. Boardshorts and bikini time of you aren’t surfing the Algarve in March. And it’s a bit isolated. Winter is a truly good season to visit the Algarve for a surftrip. Nous avons surfé sur des vagues propres tous les jours sur différents spots adaptés à mon niveau de surf. On the right side of the bay, you will find a beautiful right-hand wave. This video demonstrates the beauty of the Algarve. Il m'a fait faire du surf amusant les deux jours où nous avons surfé ensemble et il m'a aidé à comprendre où surfer en fonction des. When the winter settles in Europe with snow and ice in parts of the continent, the Algarve still has a spring like feeling with temperatures around 16 degrees. We're more than happy to get in contact with you. Merci Niels! This could be a good surf spot. Check out this page. Praia Zavial is more impressive though; it’s a bit more local, with only one restaurant. Au cours des 2 dernières années, je suis devenu l'un des invités de retour de Niels aka Surfguide Algarve. [vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/dvRFLVaSNf0″ title=”Surfing Algarve video”]. Depends if are surfing on the west coast or on the south coast. "ALGARVE"  est le fruit d'un travail de 6 mois, une collaboration entre des surfeurs locaux de talent tels que Miguel et André Mouzinho, accompagnés des anciens sociétaires du WCT, le brésilien Pedro Henrique, le local de Lagos Marlon Lipke, ainsi que d'une fine équipe de surfeurs algarvios, cette région au Sud du Portugal, bénie par deux côtes qui embrassent tous les swells, et où il y a toujours un recoin offshore, aux paysages phénoménaux et à l'eau d'une clarté rare. And do you want to grab dinner without breaking the bank? Pourquoi? Surf Guide from Casa Tropical Algarve. Il s’agit de la version de notre site Web qui s’adresse aux locuteurs de français à Canada. C'est vrai, il ne t'apprend pas, pourtant j'ai beaucoup appris de lui. Excellent family based Surf coach, Mike works in small Groups so that each person gets detailed feedback on how to improve. However, if you want to change it up every now and then, this is a fun spot to go to. The view from the cliff is fantastic, and the beach itself is stunning as well. C'est pourquoi je reviens sans cesse. Voir la traduction automatique? Quel est l'intérêt d'un surftrig: attraper des vagues! Like Lisbon you get the options of west or south coast and if the Atlantic isn’t playing ball you can even get south swells or easterly wind swells on the south coast. A charming village, with a great location on top of a hill. 121 reviews. Étant un surfeur de vacances enclavé, je manque de temps sur l'eau. Par Surf Session - @surfsessionmag - lundi 3 février 2014 à 12h27. Since 2006, we are one of the longest running Kitesurf Schools in Portugal and since then we also offer surf lessons and windsurf courses at the Algarve. Nouveau record pour Andrew Cotton à Nazaré . Session portugaise entre potes pour Zubizarreta et Lipk... Damien Castera sur les routes portugaises. Mike was very nice throughout the entire session, gave us great advices and managed to easily handle our different levels. These are the best places for couples seeking surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve: Which places provide the best surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve for groups? Thank you very much for this class Mike and Nicky! This month many European countries see great waves mixed with good weather. See it all in this video. Highly recommended! I know I will call them as soon as I come back to Lagos and I would recommend them to any friend going there. Ses connaissances en surf sont très expérimentées et si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez obtenir de bons conseils. Voilà à quoi ressemblait un vrai surf trip avant la Covid, Avec "By Default", Jacob Willcox vient peut être de sortir le film de l'année, Une pétition réclame un libre accès à l'océan pendant le confinement, En twin, William Aliotti fracasse les Canaries et Tahiti. . In may you can, occasionally, find some... Surf Escape was established in 2016. Such a lovely place to hike, relax and especially surf. Ai-je besoin de lui pour pouvoir surfer en Algarve. You will find an abundance of surf spots within a short distance in the Algarve. Surfing Algarve. January is the coldest surf month in the Algarve. This surf spot is also a popular place among surf schools. This video is unavailable. One duckdive in your board shorts, and your body will be engulfed by a warm stream of water. Surf Guide Algarve. You can make your own dinner and walk straight into the ocean when you wake up in the morning. Now things are warming up. If there is a massive swell of at least 2 meters, you will find a great right-hand wave on the right side of the bay in Arrifana. Europe made a transition from summer to Autumn. Would highly recommend extreme Algarve if you are travelling on your own, couple or, "The guests there were all friendly, the house keeping and administration very nice and helpful, and the, "We saw a spectacular sunrise on the Praia Dona Ana, paddled along the beautiful sandstone cliffs and went into quite few grotto, "We stayed here for a couple of days and enjoyed good kiting lessons, some, "Equally, there were some experienced surfers in the group and the coaches were great with them, too.I would definitely recommend TSE - the team there really made my, "I really enjoyed surfing there, the beaches they choose are great to do, "They're genuinely invested in your experience, watching as you surf to give tips on how to improve technique and, "Me and my boyfriend took different lessons over 4 days and Zé Nuno is hands down one of the best teachers I had during my, "On that day we were a group of 7, All Beginners with different surf, "Jao is really patient, fun and always seems to manage to get the best of his groups, he knows the, "Everything was brilliantly organised, from punctual pick up to excellent coaching on the, "I’d definitely recommend and wish I’d allowed myself more spare time on, "Justin he know all the best spots for surf with transport to best, "Hello we are from Russia and in 2017, October we arranged our, "I spent only a few days in Algarve, but from the first class I spent with Ricardo, I went back every day to learn, "It's a full day on the beach so take lots of, "Across all our abilities & adapting to the conditions & balancing our needs with the, "I also went on the gorgeous SUP tour with Pedro & Remy and I highly recommend it - the coastline is absolutely gorgeous and the guys made sure we all has a fantastic time paddleboarding, swimming in, "... old pinrtree forrests...) a realöy nice tourguide that explained a lot about the region and his horses and a lot of fun! Pristine sun drenched beaches with wild jagged coastlines and Europe's southwestern most point, Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St Vincent). Niels est une valeur sûre pour surfer en Algarve. En tant que surfeur intermédiaire, j'ai énormément bénéficié de sa perspicacité et de sa connaissance locale de l'Algarve. It's one for your bucketlist: surfing in Europe in October. Pas la beauté parfaite, que nous admirons tous sur Instagram, mais certainement surfable. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Non, je n'ai plus "besoin" de lui. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Privacy Privacy Policy. Any and every Portuguese local would recommend this spot to you. This is the place where you will want to surf all day long, from dawn to dusk. Do keep in mind that lowcost airlines will usually charge extra for checking in your surfboard. Still, it’s absolutely worth it. The sun shines from the moment you wake up, till the moment you go to sleep. We were a group of 4 none of which has ever surfed before and we loved Mike's class. Lagos and Bordeira beach on the west coast! Highly recommend it, seeing all the other groups I really felt like we got a lot more out of it based on the coaching we got. https://vimeo.com/269006675. Praia Amoreiro is not as well known as some of the other surf spots. Maybe reaching 17 degrees. The rays of sunshine will hit you exactly in the right spot, while the waves are breaking. Our purpose is to inspire you for your next surf holiday. The Algarve beaches are the perfect place to learn to surf and holiday. My girlfriend and I were in holidays in Lagos for a few days. Près de 30 minutes de surf et de panoramas ensoleillés, de vagues de qualité et de tous genres, étalées entre les spots de la côte Sud (Portimão, Lagos, Luz...) et à l'Ouest la célèbre Sagres, exposée aux quatre vents et swells, où les vagues s'enroulent autour du Cap Saint Vincent pour donner naissance à slabs, pointbreaks, beachbreaks de qualité parfois world class pour qui sait lire les cartes et respecter les locaux. And if you’re for example in Sagres, it’s only a 5 minute walk to the west coast of the Algarve (Tonel Beach), as well as the south coast of the Algarve (Mareta). This spot has decent shelter from the wind, and the vibe here is very relaxed. The Netherlands Partir chercher les spots c'est bien mais aller directement sur le meilleur spot c’est mieux. Mike would teach us and give us feedback as the class went through and would adapt new techniques tailored for each of us individually. I had a low surfing experience and my gf had none. This storm will be close to the main land: différentes conditions de houle, de vent et de marée. Small groups Check out our youtube channel, We run surf lessons from these beaches depending on the surfing conditions of the day. With world famous destinations such as Supertubos and Ribiera D’Ilhas on the west coast, near Peniche and Ericeira Portugal has plenty to offer. So you feel the big escape from every day life. Praia do Zul also has a lot to offer. These are the best places for groups seeking surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve: Which places provide the best surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve for travelers on a budget? If you drive 20 kilometers up north, you will get to beautiful places like Odeceixe and Arrifana. Both the village and the beach are absolutely beautiful. And for those who love to camp: this is a good place to go to with your camper. Although I haven’t surfed there myself, it has all the right conditions. J' ai passé 10jours de surf avec Niels, comme si c’était un ami que je connaissais depuis longtemps. Safety and fun are paramount in our surfing lessons in the Algarve Mike is an I.P.D.J Treinador De Desport Surf Grad 2 (I.P.D.J Trainer Of Sport! Kitesurf School & Surf Camp in Lagos, Portugal. Mike’s wife took care of us, which was super pleasant. With its palm trees along the beaches, this spot gives off a tropical vibe. A lack of charming cities, for example. The waves will be around somewhere. Another spot not too far away is Praia Boca do Rio. It’s also a great spot freedom camping area. Crowded beaches and line ups And you’ve got you’re biggest chance to see awesome waves. Be aware. Visit restaurant Pont a Pé in Aljezur. Thanks again for a great day. Local knowledge is very helpfull if you surf the Algarve in January. The great thing about Surfing in the Algarve is that the water is warm; still about 22 degrees in October. Relatif aux articles que vous avez consultés, Déclaration sur la confidentialité et sur l'utilisation de témoins, Hôtels acceptant les animaux de compagnie à Lagos, Hôtels offrant un service de navette à Lagos, Centres de villégiature près de la plage à Lagos, Hôtels près de Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse, Hôtels près de Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, Visites sur le thème de la nature et des espaces sauvages sur Lagos, Circuits en 4x4, VTT et tout terrain sur Lagos, Excursions en bateau et sports nautiques sur Lagos, Observation de baleines et de dauphins sur Lagos, Plongée sous-marine et avec tuba sur Lagos, Surf, planche à voile et surf aérotracté sur Lagos, Boutiques de spécialités et de cadeaux sur Lagos, Ateliers de peinture et de poterie sur Lagos, Centres de remise en forme et gyms sur Lagos, Salles de jeux et de divertissement sur Lagos, Idéal pour les amateurs de sensations fortes, Praia do Porto de Mos : billets et circuits, Parque Zoológico de Lagos : billets et circuits, Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse : billets et circuits, Centro Cultural de Lagos : billets et circuits, Barragem da Bravura : billets et circuits, Lagos Ciência Viva Science Centre : billets et circuits, Église de Santa Maria : billets et circuits, Antigo Mercado de Escravos : billets et circuits, Excursions en bateau et sports nautiques à Lagos. These places are best for surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve: Which places provide the best surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve for kids and families? Best thing was the galloping along the, "The horses were in good shape, our riding instructor gave us helpful instructions and showed us the, "I was in Algarve in august 2019 and i couldn't leave without going, "the intructors were excellent and catered for all, Pestana Pousadas de Portugal Hotels in Algarve, The Leading Hotels Of The World in Algarve, Algarve Adults Only and Adult Friendly Hotels, Hotels near Centro Historico de Albufeira, Hotels near Slide & Splash - Parque Aquatico - Water Slide Park, Hotels near Faro Airport Transfers Algarve, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Algarve, Things to do near Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, Things to do near EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel, Private Surf Photography and Videography Sessions, See more surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve on Tripadvisor, See more surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing for kids in Algarve on Tripadvisor, See more surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing for couples in Algarve on Tripadvisor, See more surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing for groups in Algarve on Tripadvisor, See more budget-friendly surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve on Tripadvisor. One duckdive in your board shorts, and your body will be engulfed by a warm stream of water. Look at this perfect lefthander When a passenger ferry runs from Barreiro to Lisbon a wave shows up. Mike and Nicky are very nice and easy going people and they even have the cutest dog ever that makes the whole experience even better. Which experiences are best for surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve? Cependant, Niels est incroyable pour trouver la meilleure option, même si les prévisions de MSW et du gourou du vent vous détruisent l'espoir d'une session amusante. Welcome to Algarve Watersport, the friendly kitesurf camp & surf school. Ces avis sont traduits automatiquement de l'anglais. Tant pis. Je sais en quelque sorte, quel endroit fonctionne quand. My gf ended up standing on the board several times and I know I have progressed a lot as well. The perfect lefthander Surf Level 2 Portuguese qualification) A.S.I (Academy of Surfing Instructors) Level 4 Master Surfing Coach and surf Instructor trainer. Compared to the stunning views at Odeceixe, it’s nothing special, but it is quite close to Aljezur. He is very cool and professional. Pristine sun drenched beaches with wild jagged coastlines and Europe's southwestern most point, Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St Vincent). Dans l'ensemble, surfer avec Nils est tellement amusant et je recommande vivement de partager quelques vagues avec lui lors de votre voyage de surf! more, #108 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #111 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #131 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #138 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #151 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #156 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #178 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #185 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #226 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #243 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #249 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #266 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #271 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #290 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #316 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #335 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #343 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #345 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve, #350 of 856 Outdoor Activities in Algarve. If there are waves and the wind is not too strong (no wind or offshore wind), this is the place to be. And surf the waves, one by one. Pour moi, une chose est claire: une fois que je réserve Niels, je suis sûr à 100% que je vais surfer. Une fois sur place, vous surferez avec lui et partagerez le coup! They quickly made us feel comfortable with the board and had us catching a wave standing before our first break! Bref n’hésitez pas si vous voulez surfer envoyé lui un message, Merci beaucoup!! "Everything about the experience was amazing: brilliant teacher, organization, "These guys are full of energy and happiness, which goes very well with the beautiful beach and their very effective, "The best instructors ever ..Since I came to Faro, I started to feel very relaxed, a vibe of the place itself is amazing and then I visited Amar, "... very soon which is due to very attentive and skilled teachers who were always very helpful and there to give advice, answer questions and share their knowledge - we always felt save and had, "... to get over it and I soon could happily ride waves like my "classmates" ☺️ We also appreciated the, "Niels is a great surf guide - super friendly and heaps of, "And Cabanas de Tavira is very quiet outside summer season, weather is perfect during May, large sand, "We recommend Eolis Kitesurf school with the amazing teacher Sandra to everyone who wants to learn kite, "Rik and Ksenia service was second to none, such lovely people and Rik was more than happy to offer is excellent, "a great briefing for complete beginners, recommendation of suitable, "Combination of absolutely amazing Algarve region with perfect, "... to progress quickly and check on your possibilities - he sees more and further than you ;) Andreas is giving you feedback after each wave - it helps you to polish up your, "They helped everyone and made sure everyone was having fun, allowed us to kayak through caves and get on to our own little beach, it was, "We took the Vilamoura Uncharted SUP Tour and ee had, "Good captain, excellent with every details about the, "... and motivated: in few lessons they will make you able to understand waves and transmit you, "They focus on the basics so that you really know how to surf (well and safely) and understand the ocean and keep offering new cues and, "The atmosphere is very relaxing, the communal facilities are kept very clean and there is a very good breakfast and transport to the amazing Amado Beach where the, "Absolutely beauty!! J'ai passé un très bon moment et je peux vous recommander d'aller surfer avec Niels. Et si ce week-end vous le passiez en Algarve avec Zubizarreta et Lipke ? Many other schools are solely business orientated and basically throw you all in a group of 15 to 20, with mininal advice or interaction so you are essentially just hiring the equipment and getting frustrated. Portugal is blessed with great waves, most of the time. Mais ensuite, au cours des dernières années, j'ai surfé sur presque tous les spots populaires de l'Algarve. These surfers know... Saturday untill Monday will be big in the Algarve. The rays of sunshine will hit you exactly in the right spot, while the waves are breaking. Même si j'ai des doutes, si la vague est assez bonne je vois cette vague écureuil attraper vague après vague et je comprends: c'est possible. Make sure to use the Windguru App en MagicSeaWeed App. That counts for water and air temperature. Albufeira has a British tourist vibe, Portimao is a somewhat ugly harbor city, Lagos is beautiful – but counts an unbelievable number of tourist shops. We went to Bordeira beach and we had the group class just for the 4 of us, so almost the same as a private class. Mais pour moi, surfer, c'est partager la passion. But the days are getting a little but longer, which means that the sun has more time to warm up the land and the water. Niels est une personne très gentille et il vous emmènera sur le meilleur spot de surf de la journée. These are the best places for kid-friendly surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve: Which places provide the best surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve for couples? Surfing in The Netherlands? La vidéo visible en direct ici est en ligne pour 24h uniquement de façon gratuite, bom aproveito ! Please email us: More about surfing in the Algarve and Portugal, Algarve: 3 meter+ waves with 18 seconds swell, Andrew Cotton about riding giants and how to overcome fear, The Ultimate European Surf Seasons Guide 2020. Follow this advice, and it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out where to go. Après plusieurs semaines, j'ai passé des surfcamps, j'étais en quelque sorte à ce niveau, quand j'ai réservé Niels pour la première fois. Expect some warmer days in February, with the occasional 20 degrees on offer. With tips for the best surfspots and great places to eat and stay. Arrifana is slightly more sheltered from the Northwestern wind than can be said for other beaches on Algarve’s west coast. Stand Up Paddle Surf Session - Algarve Life Series - YouTube C'est vendredi ! If you get settled near the rocks, once you have made it into the water, then you can simply wait until the waves reach you. Informés des belles conditions, Marlon Lipke, Yannick De Jager et Gody Zubizarreta ont pris la direction de la... Disponible pour 24h seulement, ce projet vidéo nous fait découvrir le secret le moins bien gardé d'Europe. En quelque sorte. You will not be able to find a city like Lisbon there. À quelle fréquence les surfeurs de vacances en Algarve se promènent-ils en expliquant que les vagues ne sont pas assez bonnes ou insurfables? They accepted to take us two on a one day notice which was a nice gesture. Mike and Nikki were super friendly and really knowledgeable. These experiences are best for surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve: What are the best places for surfing, windsurfing & kitesurfing in Algarve? De plus, il sait battre les foules. Check our surf guide: Surfing in Arrifana. Surf Guide Algarve, Lagos : consultez 119 avis, articles et 58 photos de Surf Guide Algarve, classée n°9 sur 84 activités à Lagos sur Tripadvisor. Niels a cette passion qui est juste contagieuse, donc nous finissons toujours par avoir le meilleur temps. The weather is unstable. At least 15 to 16 degrees. And some rain could happen to you too. Avec Niels, vous surferez mieux sur l'Algarve et avec plus de plaisir. The water is reaching it’s lowest temperature, which is around 14 tot 15 degrees Celcius. Some advise; leave... Surf in October This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. We decided to go for Raven’s day lesson after taking a look at the great reviews.

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